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When you use The CoreSlider to perform pushups, plank moves, stretching, and other common exercises, you multiply your results and minimize stress on your joints — so you get bigger and stronger, faster and safer!

And unlike other programs, which use bulky, expensive equipment fitted with complicated pins and pulleys or require you to perform awkward moves in uncomfortable positions, The CoreSlider is all about simplicity.

The CoreSlider is small enough to take anywhere, yet gives you an endless variety of options to work every part of your body, whenever and wherever you want!

• Total body benefits — abs, arms, chest, back, legs, and butt — increase muscle, strength, and flexibility all over FAST!

• Results in just 3 uses — feel your strength, flexibility, and power explode in as little as 3 sessions!

• Ergonomically correct — handles accommodate 4 different grip styles, so anyone can find a correct, comfortable position.

• Appropriate for all fitness levels — you determine the level of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, depending on your unique goals.

• Goes anywhere — small & light enough to fit in a gym bag, briefcase, or carry-on, so you can work out anywhere.

FREE Bonus Workout Program
WAX ON, WAX OFF: Works the shoulders, core, and abs. Click hereAssisted Situp: Works the core, abs, lats, and obliques. Click here

Core Benefit: Ultimate Safety!

“This device should be a staple in every physical therapy center that deals with athletes and rotator cuff pain and weakness, in addition to every gym and fitness and wellness center that offers strength training. This is truly a ‘free-lunch’ exercise device that offers enormous upside potential while almost eliminating any potential injury risk.”

— Thomas D. Meade, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor; Orthopedic Surgery Consultant, Philadelphia Eagles; U.S. Master Swimmer — World Record Holder